Nurture Therapy Practitioner Training ( NTP )

The Nurture Therapy Practitioner ( NTP ) program is an apprenticeship program. It begins with a 1.5 hour individual training covering the basic mechanics of conducting a professional nurture therapy session. This initial in-person training is a nuts and bolts, practical guide to conducting a safe and effective nurture therapy session with a client. The NTP training offers simple verbal demonstrations of boundary setting skills using Non-Violent Communication and other helpful tips, including staying conscious and connected to your feelings, as well as, how to gently end an appointment if that becomes necessary. These training sessions are conducted by a Certified Nurture Therapist ( CNT ).

Upon completion, you will be awarded the post-nominal title and use of the credential “NTP” or Nurture Therapy Practitioner after your name. This is a limited apprenticeship license which allows you to offer nurture therapy appointments only under the supervision, guidance and mentorship of a Certified Nurture Therapist ( CNT ).

Upon graduation from the NTP program, you will be paired with a Certified Nurture Therapist ( CNT ) who will be your mentor. To maintain your accreditation, you will need to schedule a 15-minute phone support appointment with your mentor to discuss your first 10 appointments with a new client. These appointments will support you in your work with clients, ensuring that you are learning and growing from your work as a nurture therapist. These support calls are $25 each. It is your responsibility to schedule these phone calls with your mentor after your first 10 appointments on the following page: Mentor Support Page.

The training includes:

  • pre-appointment communication
  • caring for your comfort
  • caring for your client’s comfort
  • staying conscious and connected to your feelings
  • boundary assertion skills
  • ending the appointment
  • post-appointment communication and asking for feedback

Nurture Therapy Practitioner

Nurture Therapist Practitioner ( NTP ) Training Program: $120

Currently, these trainings are offered in the San Francisco Bay Area or via telephone or via What’s App video call.

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