Nurture Therapy Practitioner Training ( NTP )

The Nurture Therapist Practitioner ( NTP ) training program is a 1.5 hour, small class-size training covering primarily the mechanics of conducting a professional nurture therapy session. These training sessions are conducted by a currently practicing Certified Nurture Therapist ( CNT ) or Nurture Therapy Practitioner ( NTP ).

The training includes:

  • pre-appointment communication
  • caring for your comfort
  • caring for your client’s comfort
  • staying conscious and connected to your feelings
  • boundary assertion skills
  • ending the appointment
  • post-appointment communication and asking for feedback

The Nurture Therapy Practitioner ( NTP ) training program also offers simple verbal demonstrations of boundary setting skills using Non-Violent Communication and other helpful tips including staying conscious and connected to your feelings as well as how to gently end an appointment.

Registration link:

Nurture Therapist Practitioner ( NTP ) Training Program: $120
Coupon Code [ Summer2021 ]: A 50% discount on training is being offered till September 15, 2021.

Currently, these trainings are only offered in the San Francisco Bay Area or via phone.