Certified Nurture Therapist Training ( CNT )

The Certified Nurture Therapist ( CNT ) training program is a 12-hour two-day weekend class providing in-depth education, analysis, inquiry and experience about the new therapeutic modality known as Nurture Therapy. These training sessions are conducted by a Certified Nurture Therapist ( CNT ). Upon successful completion of the course, you will earn a diploma certifying you as a Certified Nurture Therapist. You will be awarded the post-nominal title of CNT licensed to use the credential “CNT” after your name.

The course work includes, but is not limited to, the following related areas:

  • pre-appointment communication
  • assumptions vs. reality
  • boundary assertion skills verbal and non-verbal
  • authenticity, self-awareness and self-trust
  • setting the intention at top of appointment
  • covering boundaries at top of appointment
  • consent and related communication
  • maintenance of the professional client / therapist relationship
  • enrolling your client in a jointly created experience
  • giving presence, offering observations and acknowledgments
  • normalizing your client’s experience
  • the value of curiosity
  • ending the appointment
  • post-appointment communication
  • maintaining a mission focus

The training will also include: 1) a question and answer session with a practicing Certified Nurture Therapist, 2) a post-training practice snuggle session with a demo client, and 3) a handout titled The Giving and Receiving Matrix.

Registration link:

Certified Nurture Therapist

Certified Nurture Therapist ( CNT ) Training Program: $680

Currently, our on-site trainings are only offered in the San Francisco Bay Area.