Nurture Therapeutics specializes in training and certifying “nurture therapists”. Nurture therapy is a new healing modality in which a trained professional provides companionship and physical / emotional connection and compassionate comfort to a client. A nurture therapist is a professional intimacy coach, a boundary / relationship communication coach or a cuddle therapist. This work is clothes-on and strictly non-sexual.

Nurture therapists have unique gifts. Of course, they are natural nurturers. Additionally, they have a deep desire to exchange physical affection and share emotional intimacy with others. In their professional role, this exchange of physical affection and emotional intimacy happens within the structure of the therapeutic container. In addition to providing support and connection, nurture therapists help their clients learn relationship skills such as setting boundaries, communication skills and the value of honesty and vulnerability in relationship. This training format can be especially beneficial for kinesthetic learners ( those who learn through experience ).

Since 2016, our trainers have been providing training and ongoing support to nurture therapists, who are in private practice, while assisting them with client development and retention. In addition to training, Nurture Therapeutics provides an array of services for our graduates. These services include:

  • luxurious private office spaces booked by the hour
  • an online booking system that syncs with your personal calendar
  • a cell phone app which provides an office phone number
  • call screening
  • client screening ( limited )
  • branded email services

With four years of experience providing these services to clients, we are uniquely qualified to offer training programs that are unparalleled anywhere in the world. We offer two different training programs:

1) Nurture Therapy Practitioner ( NTP ) a 1.5 hour one-on-one training which provides an outline of nurture therapy “best practices” including how to structure a successful nurture therapy session and other important boundaries communication practice.

2) Certified Nurture Therapist ( CNT ) a 12-hour weekend certification program from which graduates will earn the post-nominal title CNT ( Certified Nurture Therapist ).

The Nurture Therapy Practitioner Training is included in the Certified Nurture Therapist program. Both training programs offer optional or included ongoing support services with your training team.