What is Nurture Therapy?

— and what is a Nurture Therapy Practitioner or Certified Nurture Therapist?

Nurture therapy is a new therapeutic modality which uses non-sexual physical affection and emotional connection to support a client in experiencing feelings of relaxation, belonging, safety and intimate platonic connection with another human being. It is an opportunity to practice boundary communication and intimacy skills in a non-judgemental environment with a trained nurture therapist. These are important skills for everyone, but they can be particularly helpful for people who are dating or who are experiencing difficulty with communication in a relationship.

Nurture therapy can be profoundly helpful for people who have experienced a loss — such as a death of a loved one, a divorce or relationship break-up, the loss of a job or any traumatizing event. It can be extremely helpful for people who are experiencing periods of intense stress in their work or family life.

Nurture Therapy Practitioners ( NTP ) and Certified Nurture Therapists ( CNTs ) offer their clients the experience of peace and tranquility while being embraced by another human being whose purpose is being of service. In these sessions, there is no agenda. There is no destination that needs to be arrived at — there is no goal that needs to be achieved. There is simply the intention to take time out of your day to relax, regroup and perhaps observe what is alive in the present moment — for yourself — and in the connection with your nurture therapist. It can be divinely deep relaxation where thoughts drift gently by. It can also be a time away from the daily grind, to creatively dream about the future. It can be a time to grieve with the support of a compassionate caregiver. It can be a chance to bounce thoughts or ideas off of an objective, receptive support partner. Whatever you use the experience for — it is your self-care time.