Mentor Support Program

We also offer an ongoing support program to new Certified Nurture Therapists ( CNTs ), Nurture Therapy Practitioners ( NTPs ) or other practitioners. Mentor support is crucial in developing your practice and client development and retention. This support program is offered by our trainers and is available by phone appointment ( WhatsApp Video Calls or in-person consultation is possible, please inquire ).

Mentor support incorporates support around a wide variety of issues related to your session work with your clients. This typically involves a review of your session work with current clients and can include:

  • pre-appointment communication
  • assumptions vs. reality
  • boundary assertion skills
    • verbal and non-verbal
  • authenticity, self-awareness and self-trust
  • setting intention at top of appointment
  • covering boundaries at top of appointment
  • consent and related communication
  • maintenance of the professional client / therapist relationship
  • enrolling your client in a jointly created experience
  • giving presence, offering observations and acknowledgments
  • normalizing your client’s experience
  • the value of curiosity
  • ending the appointment
  • post-appointment communication
  • maintaining a mission focus

Mentor Support Options